Senior Manager, Student Recruitment (Guangzhou)

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  • International education company
  • US University programs
  • New team

Location: Guangzhou

Our client is an international education company that manages student recruitment and enrolment for its university partners in the United States (and Canada).

In a further expansion of this role, they are setting up a new team of approximately 5 people in Guangzhou.

To manage the team, they are seeking an experienced student recruitment manager and team leader.

Reporting to the Director of Student Recruitment (based in Beijing), the Senior Manager will have:

  • Excellent knowledge of the North American education systems;
  • Experience managing small teams and driving them to achieve targets.
  • Extensive experience recruiting students to US programs;
  • Knowledge of how to build and maintain partnerships with Chinese universities (and international schools in China)
  • Experience managing and growing agent relationships.
  • The ability to contribute market research and analysis, and assist with planning and strategy.

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