3 Soft Skills to Look for in an Interview

38911217 - feather in female palm on white backgroundPeople are complicated so assessing candidates for a job can be overwhelming.

And as a result we sometimes settle for the candidate with the strongest technical skills or most relevant experience.

But having these attributes doesn’t mean the selected candidate will be a joy to work with!

That depends on their soft skills and Kate Weimer writes a great article on Fist Full of Talent about which soft skills you should look for in a candidate during screening or an interview.

Time Management, Humility and Respect are attributes that can be identified in an interview and if the candidate can demonstrate them then there’s a high chance that they’ll be productive in your team.

How to look for those skills?

Time Management

Ask candidates to describe a time when they had multiple projects and how they handled it. Keep an ear out for organizational strategies they used and ways they coped with having multiple projects, including delegating parts of it and keeping their manager abreast of issues they were having.


Ask about a time they were in the wrong or did something incorrectly. How did they handle it? If they don’t mention owning up to the mistake, it’s gotta be a pass on this candidate.


Some key things to look out for: politeness, knowledge of the job, speaking kindly of their current or past jobs, just an overall good attitude about things.

If your candidate can demonstrate these soft skills and has enough technical skill and relevant experience then it’s time to think about making an offer!